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Precautionary Principle

"What the public fears is not the experimental science, but the fundamental irrational decision to let out of the laboratory into the real world before we truly understand it."
Barry Commoner, Cellular Biologist

In 1975 scientists worldwide agreed. For all the good gene manipulation held, left unchecked it had the capability to adversely affect humanity on a very large scale. Their concerns led to the Asilomar Conference, the birthplace of the Precautionary Principle. The central tenet of the Precautionary Principle is first, do no harm. The second is if there is the slightest of suspicion that recombinant technology could harm the public’s health or the environment, the burden of proof falls on those who use the technology to prove different. Well, the accumulating evidence is indicating something is going very wrong, very fast and it could well be related to what we're eating. Genetically engineered biofoods have been linked to a host of serious illnesses, environmental hazards and ecological destruction. Countries worldwide are calling to enact the Precautionary Principle and the appropriate labeling of food before it's too late. But the Goliaths are fighting back.

A Factory Farm Near You

Factory Farms in USAFactory Farms in USAIf you find this image disturbing as your heart goes out to the US citizens who live and work in these animal sweatshops, you may find it interesting that Canadians are really no better off. Canadian livestock produced approximately 164 billion kilograms of manure in 2001. That amount of manure would fill Toronto's Rogers Centre sky dome stadium 103 times per year.

Attack of the Jellyfish

No Brain...no heart...no lungs... and they're taking over. No, this isn't a Stephen King tale of horror, but it's no less scary. In the early fall of 2007 billions of jellyfish attacked a salmon farm in Northern Ireland destroying more than 100,000 fish. In Japan, the number of jellyfish has risen so dramatically they are devastating the livelihoods of fishermen. Mass jellyfish sightings are now common along the Mediterranean coast, off southern Africa, the west coasts of England, Wales and Scotland, the beaches of Waikiki, and the Gulf of Mexico.

These giant jellyfish can grow up to 2 meters (6 ft 7 in) in diameter and weigh up to 200 kg (440 lb). And, they pack a wallop. Over 19,000 stings were reported in the Mediterranean last summer including resorts in Italy and France. Twelve thousand pounds of jellyfish were scooped up in three days off the Costa Tropical last year.