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Rethink Food

Risky Meat

Spoiler alert -- this isn't going to be appetizing. Consumer Reports just released a study testing 257 samples of ground turkey from supermarkets and found that virtually every one was contaminated with either – get ready for it --- fecal bacteria, staph or salmonella. What’s worse the fecal bacteria were resistant to one or more antibiotics important to human medicine. This just after the US government admitted a significant majority of supermarket meat is contaminated with antibiotic resistant bacteria.

We Are What We Eat

Remember those Subway ads where Jared Fogle loses a bunch of weight by eating at the fast food establishment? Those ads were so powerful Subway made a name for itself as the ‘healthy’ fast food chain. But recent research shows customers at Subway gobble up just as much sugar, carbs, sodium and overall calories per meal at Subway as they do at McDonald’s.

Why Buy Fair Trade

As we drink our morning cup of coffee, the people involved in growing that coffee bean are far from our thoughts. As consumers, our purchasing has profound impact on the lives of the close to 20 million people who are involved in coffee production.

Many of the foods that we consume every day- such as coffee, tea, bananas and sugar- come from farmers in the Third World. Unfortunately, many of these products are produced and traded in such a way that very little of the price we pay in our stores reaches the people who actually did the work.

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